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Currently not accepting new orders.

What happened?

Hello to all of our loving friends and family! As we are sure many of you have noticed, our shipping and response times have drastically plummeted recently. Between the insane amount of work our small team has had to face, and dealing with all of the recent hurdles last year threw at us, we have been a bit overwhelmed. Due to this along with the backlog of orders we have accrued, we estimate all orders placed will take around 4-6 weeks to ship out. But, fear not! The Loving Heart Treats that you all know and love will soon be back up and running at full speed in no time! We are in the process of ramping up our current number of staff to be able to keep up with the increased demand for our goodies. We have also hired a dedicated online correspondent to ensure that all questions, comments, and concerns are not only heard, but are met with the quick and friendly response you've all grown to love! So please, Keto Fam, bear with us! We are working around the clock to ship out your sweets and come back even better than ever! Thank you so much for your continued support and patience in this wild time.


The Loving Heart Team

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