Keto CInnamon- "Sugar" Donut, 5 cnt

Keto CInnamon- "Sugar" Donut, 5 cnt

Each order contains 5 cinnamon donuts.

Enjoy these wonderful cinnamon_ "sugar" donuts with your coffee in the morning as a togo breakfast or on a break at work!


NUTRITION FACTS: ( per 1 donut)
calorie: 223
protein: 5.5 g
net carb: 6 g
fiber: 2 g
fat: 9 g



Almond Flour, Xylitol, Butter, Egg, Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans, Salt



Keto friendly, Low carbs, Sugar free, Diabetic friendly, Grain free, Gluten free, Starch free, Ketogenic diet, Dr Atkins diet, The South Beach diet